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  We have closed the exhibits for this year at 185 frames. 

Competitive Exhibits:

    Single Frame Exhibits:

bulletThe American Library Association and World War I
bulletCoast Guard Invades Antarctica
bulletHaiti's Leconte Issue of 1912
bulletStandard Postal Markings of the American Expeditionary Forces in Europe 1917-1923
bulletU.S. Army Post Offices in Greenland 1941-1945
bulletBisected Two Penny British Stamps & Their Use in Guernsey During WWII German Occupation
bulletHawaiian Sea Frontier - Protecting the Eastern Pacific
bulletPrivate Yachts Converted for U.S. Naval Service
bulletU.S. Frigate Constitution at Texas Ports

        Multiframe Exhibits:

           Military Postal History Exhibits:

bulletGerman Intervention in China
bulletGerman World War I Military & Occupation Mail from Allied & Enemy Territory
bulletIllustrated Covers from the Yangtze River
bulletMail To and From the U.S. Navy via U.S. Airmail, 1918-1941
bulletGermans, Austro-Hungarians, and U.S. Citizens Interned in the U.S. During WWI
bulletThe Bulgarian Posts in the 1st World War
bulletU.S. Navy in Asiatic Waters 1899-1916

          Ship Cancellation Exhibits:

bulletRemembering the Campbells
bulletSurrender in Tokyo Bay
bulletU.S. Navy Battleship Mail During World War I
bulletU.S. Navy Postmarks in Haitian Waters, 1914-1939

          Polar Philately Exhibits:

bulletAntarctica - McMurdo-Vostok Flights
bulletCharcot in the Antarctic
bulletThe Discovery and Exploration of Antarctica: The Quest for the Pole

        Mobile Post Office Exhibits:   

bulletThe Development of Railway Mail Routes in Georgia, 1846-1889

         Display Division Exhibits:

bulletLibraries and the Mail in America 1900-1960
bulletHitler Youth - The Generations of Lost Innocence

            Illustrated Mail Exhibits:

bulletCelebrating Shakespeare: 50th Anniversary of the 1964 US Shakespeare Stamp
bulletThe 3-cent Wisconsin Statehood Issue of 1948: First Day Covers and Postal Uses
bulletThe 5-Cent China War Resistance Issue of 1942
bulletPoland's Millennium on World-Wide Covers
bulletDenmark Birth Certificates: Commemorative First Day Covers: 1921-1949
bulletIditarod Trail Mail Cachets 1974 - 2014

            Postal History Exhibits:

bullet1934-40 National Parks Postal History
bulletRegistered Prexie Postal History

           Worldwide Exhibits:

bulletThe China Martyrs Stamps 1932-1949

                   Non-Competitive "S" Exhibits:

    Four-Page Exhibits:

bulletSouth Walpole Supermax Sinderellas of Sixty-Nine - John St. Onge
bulletThe Sagacious Sidekick - Robert Mather
bulletSecond and Last Half of Egypt's 18th Dynasty (1350 BC - 1293 BC) - Mel Graffenius
bulletItaly's Seven Scarce Donkey Species - Robert Mather
bulletSawed Stamps Made from Wood - Robert Ulatt
bulletSports Cars - John Romppainen

    Eight-Page Exhibits:

bulletScientist & Statesman: Benjamin Franklin - Carol Schutta
bulletSpace: Quest for Answers - Carol Schutta
bulletStimulating Stereo Scopic Sights - Ann Selzer
bulletSolar Eclipse - Ken Suess

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