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             Court of Honor:

     The 1909 Lincoln Commemorative Issues: Early Uses & FDCs

     The U.S. Issues of 1861 - 1868

         Youth Exhibits:

    The Olympics - Let the Games Begin

    Mans Best Friend: Recognized Breeds of the American Kennel Club

    Building a Nation . . . one state at a time

        Competitive Exhibits:

    Philippine Islands - Woman and Carabao

    Valiente SCADTA Issues

    Survivors, Crashed and Salvaged Mail in, from and to Columbia

    Burma: The First Two Issues

    Latvia 1918-1940: Stamps of the Second Great Awakening

    The Liberation Period in Hungary During 1938-1944

    Postal History of Bosnia-Herzegovina 1842-1918

    The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Series of 1945-1946 and its First Day Covers

    Commemorative Stamps and Postage Stamps with Benjamin Franklin

    U.S. Vended Postal Insurance (1965-85), A Failed Experiment

    A Tribute to Benjamin Franklin

    The History of the Louisiana Purchase (1492-1804)


    Old Four Legs" The Living Fossil

    Victoria: The English Mail TPOs, 1887-1917

    Manuscript RFD Postmarks of Wisconsin

    The Winnebago Portage

    Let Me Mount the Ways

    A Cover for All Programs

    Wheat Ridge - The Other Christmas Seal

    Polish Forces in Exile in the Soviet Union During WWII

    American Possessions - Inter Possessions Mail

    Lincoln, Slavery and the Civil War


    Christmas Dinner at the Portland Hotel: December 25, 1914

    A Visitor's Guide to Bloemfontein; A Guide to the Capital ca 1910

    Horsing Around

    Apollo 13, as predicted by Jules Verne


    Postal Markings of Rockford, Illinois 1837-1937


    The Hidalgo Medallion Issues of Mexico (1884-1885-1892) & the First Officials


    "Hubba Hubba" Handstamps:  A Korean War Semi-Official Air Mail Postal Marking



     Art Matches Reality!

     It's a Miracle We Survived as a Nation!

     Milwaukee Philatelic Society Circus Covers and Cachets


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