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Midwest Multi-state Postal History

Exhibiting Competition

    In addition to the many other fine exhibits entered in this year’s competition, Milcopex 2008 is happy to host the second edition of the Midwest Multi-state Postal History Competition. This competition is modeled after one originating at Ropex 2004 in Rochester, NY, involving several state postal history societies from the Northeastern U.S. It is intended to encourage interest in state postal history and postal history exhibiting.

    At the first Midwest competition in 2005, postal history societies from throughout the Midwest were invited to participate. The postal history societies from Iowa, Illinois, Ohio and Wisconsin entered a total of 9 exhibits from 7 different exhibitors, a total of 41 frames of state postal history. Indeed, the Wisconsin club was so excited about the idea that an anonymous benefactor offered to pay the frame fees for any Wisconsin postal history exhibit by a member of the WPHS.

    In addition to the usual medals and special awards available to all exhibitors, Milcopex acknowledged the best multi-state exhibit (Tim Wait's "The Development of Boone County, Illinois As Told By Its Postal History) and the best single-frame exhibit (Rob Henak's "Pomeroy, Iowa Postal History") from those participating in the competition.

    The state societies, moreover, were competing for the special Society Award, with the champion society being determined based on a point system accounting for the number of exhibitors, the number of exhibits, and the awards won by the society’s member exhibitors.  In 2005, Wisconsin won by a whisker over Ohio.

    The Multi-state competition is having its desired effect.  Since the 2005 show, at least two new Wisconsin exhibitors have expressed their intent to exhibit in the competition, and past exhibitors are developing new exhibits on Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin themes for the 2008 show.  We also hope to add exhibits from Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and the Dakotas as well.  For information, contact Rob Henak

    For introductory letter from Milcopex 2005 and explanation of scoring, Click Here. (PDF Format)

State Postal History Exhibits - 2005

Pomeroy, Iowa Postal History * Q

Taylor County Post Offices: "The Log Cabin County" Q

Wisconsin Sesquicentennial Cancellations * Q

Akron, Ohio to 1919 "

Carroll County, Iowa Postal History: The First 100 Years * Q

The Ohio Mails: 1803-1953 "

The Development of Boone County,

Illinois As Told By Its Postal History +

Knox County Postal History "

Wisconsin in the Civil War Q


* Iowa Postal History Society

+ Illinois Postal History Society

" Ohio Postal History Society

Q Wisconsin Postal History Society

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