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Frame #s

        Youth Exhibits:

1        Canines

2        Polar Animals and their Environment

3-4    The Olympics - Let the Games Begin


5-9     May the Force Be With You

        Competitive Exhibits:

10-12     Benjamin Franklin

13-17     Under the Big Top

18          The Royal Palm

19-26     Wolf

27-30     Life in Milwaukee - 1880-1914; At Work, Home and Play

31         TBA

32         Chapeaus Rouge

33-42    Classic France: Postal History of the Ceres and Napoleon Issues of 1849-75

43         Correo Aereo Testart

44         Hawaiian Postal Cards

45-54    Confederate States of America: The 5-cent Lithographs on Cover

55-59     The Civil War Issue

60-69     Latvia 1918-1940: The Stamps of the Second Great Awakening

70-74     Computer Vended Postage

75-84     Restoration of Civil Mail Service in Allied-Occupied Germany 1945-49

85-92     Independent Anguilla, British West Indies 1927-2000

93-102    "Bickerdike" Experimental Postmarks in Germany 1898-1916

103-110  A Tale of Two Library Stamps

111-120 Morocco Foreign Post Offices and Agencies


121-126 Happy Holidays: A Philatelic Journey Through the Calendar

                "Red Light" Vice Exhibits:

127-136 Ailments of Venus Revisited

137-139 Oversize Revenues

140-142 First Day Covers of the Prevent Drug Abuse Stamp

143        Beer Tax Stamp (Court of Honor)

144-152 And a Good Mourning to You, Sir

153-155 ConPHessions of a PHat PHilatelist

156-158 "Tin foil" Stamps

159         State Taxation of Harvested Marijuana

160-169  Woody Guthrie, His Life and His Songs

170-174  Beguiling Orbs of Beauty

175         Sanitary Inspection Fee Stamps

176         Daedalus and Icarus

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