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 Exhibits for this year's show:

Competitive Exhibits:

    Single Frame Exhibits:

bullet British Television License Revenues
bullet State Taxation of Harvested Marijuana
bullet 1862 Insurance Tax
bullet Adhesive Stamps Used to Pay the 2-cent Tax on U.S. Bank Checks 1862-1883
bullet What the R's Are
bullet A Short History of Science in Ireland
bullet The Provisional Government of Ireland, December 1921 to December 1922
bullet The e Watermark Definitive Coil Stamps of Ireland 1940 to 1970
bullet Official mail of the Irish Provisional Government and the Irish Free State: 1922-1937
bullet The Irish International Exhibition, Dublin 1907
bullet The World's First Commemorative Stamped Envelope - the 1876 Centennial
bullet Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, Le Renard de 1952
bullet Why Was There a 1 1/2-Cent Prexie?
bullet Rhodesia and Nyasaland Postage:  The 1954 Definitives

        Multiframe Exhibits:

bulletFrom Duplex to Mechanical:" The Evolution of Experimental and Early Machine Postmarks Worldwide . . . 1857-1920s
bullet Revenue Stamped Paper of the Spanish American War Tax Era
bullet Customs Cancellations on U.S. Revenue Stamps of the Civil War Period
bullet A Fiscal History of the U.S. Documentary Taxes, 1898-1902
bullet Revenue Stamps of Wisconsin  1933-1982
bullet Irish Coil Stamps 1922 to 1940
bullet The Wildflower Definitives of Ireland
bullet Evolution of the German Post Offices in China . . . 1886-1917
bullet The French Colonies General Issue:  1859-92
bullet Cattle and Man
bullet Boer POW Camps in Ceylon 1900-1902
bullet SPUDS:  Potatoes in the U.S. at the Turn of the Last Century
bullet 1932 Washington Bicentennial Commemorative Stamps
bullet 19th Century Overseas Mail to and from Scotland
bullet America's Membership Libraries, 1731-1920
bullet Sweden:  The Large Official Stamps 1874-1889
bullet The Development of Mauritius Maritime Mail
bullet Classic Colombia - The 8th Issue 1866-1869
bullet Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, Le Type "Groupe" 1892-1908
bullet Hiram E. Deats - Philatelist & Collector Extraordinaire
bullet Bridging the Divide
bullet U.S. Postal Service PC Postage and Information-Based Indicia
bullet Iditarod Trail Mail Cachets 1974-2017

  Non-Competitive Exhibits:

bulletMilcopex:  The First 50 Years

 Non-Competitive "R" Exhibits:


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